Theodore Dotter Glaum 
and Ursula Kathleen Herfurth Glaum


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my grandfather, 
Theodore Dotter Glaum 
and grandmother, 
Ursula Kathleen Herfurth Glaum.
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The children of 
Theodore and Ursula Glaum

Pictured from left to right:   Eugenia, Theodore, Ursula,  Diana, and Robert (the babe) Taken abt. 1940.

A Bit of Glaum History:

        Village church records indicate that there are about 12 GLAUM 
        families that emigrated to  America.
In 774, two farmers entered into a contract with the church for land that created the district between Oberkleen and Niederkleen.  These two villages were combined and are refereed to as Kleenheim.  The symbol for Kleen is a three 
leaf clover.

The two villages of the district were farming communities.  During the dark ages, half of the population died of the bubonic plague.  At this time the country residents moved 
into the villages.  The GLAUM name first appeared on village records in the 1260's.  During the last 700 years, the Glaum were earls, judges, blacksmiths and farmers.

The GLAUM name was first spelled GLUM.  In the 1500's a national language change replaced all "u"s with "au" which made the name GLAUM.

The inheritance laws of Germany were probably the reasons the GLAUMS emigrated to America.  When land went into an estate each heir would receive equal shares of the land.  After a few generations of doing this, farm size per farmer would be too small to earn a living.

Oberkleen and Niederkleen are about an hour drive north of Frankfurt, Germany.  In Niederkleen, today, is a "house of hearts" called this because there are four hearts carved in the wood above the door.  It was built in 1608 and was the GLAUM farm.  The house and barn were built together.

Today, there are two businesses with the GLAUM name above the store.  The villages have many GLAUM families that still live and work in the area; few speak English.

Our Direct Family Line:
Our earliest know GLAUM ancestor is John Walter Glaum.
Just recently, a cousin provided me with additional information on the parents and grandparents of John Walter Glaum but have not been able to make additions to our family charts just yet!  If you would like to see who our ancestors are please click HERE and you will see our Ancestry Chart.

From the research I've done, it is pretty safe to say that all Glaums are related somewhere back in Germany.  It appears our line migrated to the east coast of the US possibly before 1850 

Any help would be appreciated and I will gladly share anything I have with others researching this surname! If I can provide any additional information or answer any questions, please feel  free to contact me a